July 26, 2020

About Me

Hi I’m Zach. I’m a college junior majoring in Computer Science and Math. As my major suggests, I am mainly interested in math and technology, though I also enjoy art, music, and literature.

My Apps

I am currently developing an app to keep track of my college coursework. It's called Classy and it's currently in TestFlight Beta. If you'd like to join the beta, please email me

About This Site

This site mainly contains my personal thoughts and opinions on the things that interests me. It is the place for me to share the ideas which I believe might be valuable to others. This could be personal reflections, random ideas I have about math, or TV show reviews.

My first attempt at creating a website in December 2018 completely (mostly) from scratch was programmed in in Node.js, ExpressJS, and a lot of different Node packages. While I didn't copy the code, I used Camel by Casey Liss as a rough guide for what a website backend should look like.

During the summer of 2019 I decided to rewrite the site in Swift using Vapor because I was procrastinating other obligations. It's now way less hacky and contains a bunch of new features only I care about and will ever use. I hope to eventually clean it up and share a template on GitHub.

In the summer of 2020, I was nearly done with my first iOS app and wanted to eventually put it on my website. The problem was, I originally wrote this as a "blog" and so there wasn't an easy way to make an app page. Also, to be honest I barely updated the blog. Thus, I did my third rewrite of this website and decided to use Publish by John Sundell.

I'm sure there are problems somewhere in my website (There is one known issue I don't know how to solve). So if you find any bugs, please send me an email at zacharybsy@gmail.com (but please don't try to break my website).

* * * *