January 03, 2019

Inspired by the latest Cortex podcast episode where they discussed their themes and goals for the year, I decided to make my own theme --- The Year of Start---which I think perfectly encapsulates my goals for the year.

While I began college last year, it is only during the next academic year (beginning in August 2019) where I will actually be able to start studying Computer Science. In that sense, 2019 is the year that I can formally begin my journey to becoming a software engineer/developer. It is also a goal for me to start being more social in college, to meet people both in my field and outside of it. This will hopefully allow me to be better as a person by improving my communication and empathy.

Outside of college, my goal is to basically do more stuff. I want to start more programming projects and find ways to expand on my other hobbies. The initial stages of this goal has already begun with the creation of this website, and I hope to actually start and consistently write posts throughout the year. Along with the website, I have plans of starting a few iOS app projects which (if things go well) I hope to actually release by the end of the year. Long term, I hope these projects allow me to improve my programming skills and expand my online presence to bring more of the things I do to an audience larger than myself.

Every project has to have a start, and so this seems like a fitting first blog post for what I hope will be a long and worthwhile project.

* * * *